VX India


Ceo Mr Suman Shankar Tiwari

E: ceo@vxindia.org


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Success for VX India in World Cup Competition

The India VX squad enjoyed success at the 2015 VX Games, securing 2nd position in the VX (team) Championships. Players also competed in the V2 World Cup in both Senior and Masters' categories. The V2 tournament is a two-part event featuring the Executive Cup and World Cup. India captain Sahil Tiwari won the Executive Cup as well as being voted Player of Tournament in the team event

We need players,Institutes, State units & sponsors


Having been given recognition as an official Global VX National Governing Body for VX in India we now need to set up a competitive structure with State assciations ,clubs, players, coaches and referees the length and breadth of India and we already have people getting in touch via Facebook to say that they are interested in this amazing latest and modern sport.

Our first steps are to get trained


Mr Tiwari said "Training in the way we play VX is vital"


I have the utmost confidence that we can make this a sport for India it just means a lot of hard work for the next few years to get the sport known and get coaches qualified. What a fantastic opportunity we have to make history.


We need to grow VX in India


At first it looks difficult to referee


At first it looks difficu;t to referee due to having multiple balls on the court at the same time but the more experience you get under your belt the easier it gets.