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August 2015

The India VX squad competes successfully in the 2015 VX Gaames. Runners-up in the team Championship, Participation in the V2 (singles) World Cup & Executive Cup with team captain Sahil Tiwari winning the Executive Cup and being voted Player of the Tournament in the team event. Vijay Singla second and Harsimran Kaur Sohi third. .


July 2015

Dr Paul Hildreth returns with England captain and former V2 World Champion, Tom Hildreth, to help Indian players with their final preparations for the World Cup


July 2015

The British School, Chandigarh, announced as National VX Academy


January 2015

Head Coach of England Dr Paul Hildreth comes to Chandigarh to help VX India launch VX in the country. During the trip he qualifies coaches, visits schools and assists at VX India's inaugural VX Camp and meets Kautilya Pandit, VX India's student ambassador

Some of the participants in the 2015 World Cup and Executive Cup with VX patron, Phil Sheridan